Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Catching Up

Oh how I've missed blogging...this is going to be a big ole catch up post. We have not slowed down since we left Chicago. I already miss it there but am also excited about being back in Alabama where I no longer get asked about my accent but can actually laugh because I think everyone here sounds soooooo Southern now.

Let's see, since we've been in we've been to Butler, Fairhope for two weeks, Florida for a week, and now in Cullman Alabama where we found a house!!!! AND we have a contract on our house in Illinois!! We decided to look for a rental house and live there for at least a year since we're needing to buy two vehicles and we lost money on our house with the market being the way it is. Ok....I'm in love....with our rental house. It has been for sale since January and Billy happened upon it. He asked Branden(the seller) if he would be willing to rent it for a year and was called back in two hours with a Yes. We have the option to buy it after a year if we choose and honestly, this could be our forever house. I looooove it. It's very old, all hardwood floors, five bedrooms, great porch with a swing, great yard with huge, beautiful trees, etc, etc, etc!!!!!

So, let me back up a minute. Billy calls me at my parents (after he had only been looking for a day or so) and wants me to come and see this house. He very much tried to downplay it. He acted like he couldn't remember how many bedrooms it had and said his office would have to be in the garage....this was my first clue that he was trying to "get me." I just said Ok, and headed to Cullman. He takes me to a house in the country that was for rent/sale. We walked through it and it needed SO much work and everything was a mess. We get back in the car and Billy says that this was the best he had looked at. Sigh.....So I'm thinking "you've got to be kidding me!" Now, I had already been praying about my attitude. Praying to be content with whatever God provided and to be thankful for a place to lay our heads at night. As we drive away I'm praying in my head "just have a low expectation, just have a low expectation....."

Next stop is the house Billy originally called me about. We pull in the driveway and I'm already sold. As we're walking onto the front porch I start saying "Are you serious? Is this a joke?" I walked all through the house and immediately knew it was the house for us. It far exceeded my expectation. My only fear was that we would rent it for a year and I would have to leave. Then Billy tells me we can buy it after a year if we want. It is such a gift..... Billy is already saying "You're never going to want to leave are you? We're never going to live in the country are we?"

This house (location wise) is in the heart of everything. I can walk to the library and football field. Please come see us!!!!!!! This means you, Chicago people who have NEVER been to Alabama!!!!!!

We're having all our stuff packed up in Chicago and will be moving in mid July. School starts AUGUST 6...Can you believe that???? That's like 5 weeks away.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We are in Alabama and I left my computer behind.....thus no new post. As soon as I can upload my pictures I'll give an update on all our adventures. I'm kinda anal about posting without pictures to go with it. It might be a while because we are all over the place right now!!!! I miss blogging since it has sort of become my journal. Take care friends!!