Thursday, June 26, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! I can't believe Mary B is so grown up! I hope she at least has her little girl voice :)We have got to get together when things settle down...I would love to come to Cullman and hang out and see your house...I dream of having an old house one day!

April Brown

Kristin said...

You have got some really amazing pictures in this one! I love the fountain ones. And again, so glad you're back!

April Brown... send me your email address!!! Hope, you send it to me if you can!

Nate and Kara said...

I miss you! Congrats on your new home. Maybe we'll get to visit sometime. You'll need to post lots of pictures of your new home.

Kristin said...
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nan said...

congratulations on the house I am so happy for you guys. It was so good to get to spend some time with your family when you were in Fairhope. Your pics are great and I love the slideshow someone has to show me how to do this!

Danny and Jennifer White said...

Hope I definitely remember the singing we did at UWA. It was so much fun. So glad you getting to catch up with everyone. Hope I get to see You soon too.!!

Jennifer said...

I heard about the tragedy in your family and I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for all of you during this time of suffering.

Amy said...

hope I don't know when you will read this but I want you to know that we are praying hard for you and Billy and the kids right now. My heart is so sad.

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

hope-i am so so sorry. i have been praying for you and thinking of ya'll all day.

Parks Avenue said...

I am literally heart sick over this tragedy. We are praying for you guys that the Lord would bind you all up in his arms and hold you tightly as you fight to take the next breath after such a tremendous loss. We love you guys.

JJMERKEL said...

Hope and Billy,
I am so very sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine how hard this must be on your family. I am so sad about this. She was such a sweet little girl. I will be praying for you. Again, if there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Anonymous said...

I want you to know that we are praying for all of you and holding you close to hearts. Our hearts are breaking for you. We love you all and grieve for you. Please let us know if we can do anything. In the meantime, we pray hard for you,Billy,Holden, Ellie and Mary H, and especially for Alaina.
Love you
Kari Veenstra

Shea said...

Hope, My heart aches for you and Billy and the kids today. You are being lifted in prayer by so many of us. God bless you.

Laura said...

Hope and Billy,
We are praying for you guys. My heart is breaking for you guys. I don't know what to say. We want to be there for you and try to help in any way we can. I am so sorry. We love you all.
Al and Laura

Jackie said...

Hope and Billy,
There are no words. My heart breaks for you and your family. Know that you are being bathed in prayer.

Carlton and Aimee Weathers said...

I know your pain and I am grieving ever so hard with you. I truly understand what it means to mourn with those who mourn. Carlton and I have been begging God for mercy and peace all day long.

I want you and Billy to know that we are here for you, at any time, especially down the road when everyone else seems to move on.
Anytime you need a listening ear, I am here. I understand all the emotions that you are going to feel. Don't be hard on yourself. You will be giving God the glory through all the ups and downs.
Hope, I know it feels like the burden and fog will never lift. But, I can promise you this. God, Christ your Savior, will be ever so present with you through this. You will experience Him like never before. You just cling tightly to Him. He is there.
I love you and I WILL NOT stop praying.
I will see you in a few days and we will cry together.

Donna said...

Hope and Billy, My heart is broken. Your baby girl was just beautiful and precious. I know how loved she was. My family and I (including all my extended family) are praying fervently for you to be sustained through this. God made her, loves her and will keep her until she can be with you again. Heaven is a REAL place and you will see that baby girl again.

Carrie said...

We are praying for you! I can't imagine how but I know that God will use this tragedy for HIS Glory. I am so sorry for your loss.

Rob & Carrie Faircloth

Anonymous said...

Hope and Family: Please know that we are so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. Alaina will be missed by everyone that knew and loved her. You and your family are in our prayers and thoughts. We miss you guys!
Karen and Rob Cartee
Yorkville, IL

Erica Agee said...

Hope, I just read the news of your tragedy on Aimees blog and it breaks my heart to hear of this happening to your family. I will be praying for you, Billy & your children for God to give you the strength to get through your time of need.
Love in our Bond,
Erica Agee

Susan Thompson said...

Hope and Billy,
Words can't express how saddened I have been about the loss of your precious little girl. She looked exactly like a "little Hope" with lighter hair. I remember you as a child, Hope, and how you had that curly hair and cute button nose. I have been praying for all of you and my heart is broken for you. Look to Jesus as you have said and He will help you one day at a time. God bless you all.
Love, Mrs. Thompson (your 6th grade teacher)

Emily, Cory & Canon Martin said...

Thank you for letting us join in on your blogspot. As painful as it was to read your last journal entry, I needed it. The words were so inspirational, as well as comforting as I wonder why God allowed this to happen to such a wonderful, spiritual, close-knit family. I know now that God will use you all to touch weak people, like me. Cory and I are praying for you all, and will continue to lift you up each and every day. If you ever need anything in Butler, please call us. We love you all.