Monday, May 26, 2008

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Holden's Kindergarten Graduation

This was an emotional night for me. Billy wasn't able to be there because of the new job so just Mary H. and I went to see Holden. I cried. The tears started when they all walked in to "He is exalted," and continued when he went to get his diploma. So many emotions....thankful for the gift that he is to our family, proud of all he has learned this year, thankful for a Godly teacher, and all this mixed with the emotions of our move. I feel like we just dropped him off for his first day and now the year is done! I am treasuring this time. When I was pregnant with Mary Helen, my pastor's wife (Karen) gave me a clock and this is what the card said that went with it...

"In the homes of my friends you will find one thing in common...a clock from me. I love to give this gift with the thought that it celebrates time spent together...time God gives us to grow...time needed with 3 + 1 more on the way...a reminder EVERY MINUTE of TIME is a GIFT FROM GOD!"

"Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom" Psalm 90:12

This will always be a precious reminder for me. Every time I see this clock I am thankful for each day of life...another day God has given. I will be thankful for TIME with this little boy of mine.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holden's Circus....This is for you, Maw, Paw, Pops and Nana

The Kindergarten Circus was last Thursday...It was awesome! The tigers had to be my favorites, but I also enjoyed the tight rope walker, snake charmer, trapeze girls and clowns. We were very entertained and were even able to purchase lemonade and popcorn for 10 cents. What a deal!! Click on the pictures to see them up close.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Losing teeth, rolling over, Mother's Day, a "heart breakthrough," and two little girls in Alabama

Peanut rolls over

We've had a few firsts lately. Holden lost his two bottom teeth and Mary H rolled over. Exciting stuff at the Atchison home ;)
Mother's Day was weird without Billy, Alaina and Elley being here. Me, Holden and MH went to breakfast with some friends and then to church. The BEST part of the day was something that happened with Holden after church. We're driving home and he just had a little boy attitude. Selfish attitude. Me, me, me, all about me attitude. You get the idea. So I'm trying to talk to him calmly, really trying to get him to see his heart attitude. I said, "Everything is not all about you, Where you want to eat, What you want to eat, the next toy you want to buy, etc. You're not even enjoying what you have but only thinking of the next thing you want." Now let me back up a minute. I have really tried to do some special things with him since Billy and the girls have gone. I know moving is hard on him and the girls going to my parents and him having to stay behind AGAIN because of school. We have gone places he wanted to go and I let him pick out lots of things HE likes at the grocery, etc. I struggle with where the line is between wanting to do some fun things for him but not wanting him to start to have an "I deserve" attitude and it's all about what I want to do all the time. Soooo, we're having this discussion in the van and he gets very quiet.
We get home and I get him to feed MH for me. He's sitting on the couch so I tried to find something for him to watch while feeding her. There was a Veggie Tales on the DVR so I turned that on, and even then, he said "I don't want to watch this" and turned off the TV. I told him I wasn't going to change it and if he wanted to watch something that was the only choice. He turned it back on and begins to watch it. It is the one where the man has all these rubber duckies, tons of them, but is only worried about getting another one. So here it is.....the best part of my mother's day....
I walked in the living room and Holden said, "Mama, he's just like ME...he has ALL those ducks but wants MORE...that's how I was acting."
Ohhhhhh, I was soooo thankful that HE recognized this in himself. He GOT IT!!! This is something we talk about a lot. Jesus came to serve not to BE served...consider others better than yourselves, etc. I knew this was a breakthrough moment for him. It was one of the first times that he was able to see his own selfishness without me pointing it out. We have a faithful God who loves our children more than we do....loves them enough to change their hearts!!! Thank you Jesus, for your grace in our lives, causing us to see our depravity...but you don't leave us have lavished your love and grace on us and we get to experience that all the more.
So we spent the afternoon in the basement playing shoot the army men down with the rubber band. (see above) Later on Holden said "Mama, how's my attitude???" This does my heart good.......I don't expect him to be perfect, I know none of us will be until heaven, but I long for my children (and myself) to (by the grace of God) live an unselfish life. A life that is others focused. A life that brings God glory.
Meanwhile, Elley and Alaina are loving life at my parents....playing outside, playing in the creek, spending the weekend with Beeney(Mary Blake). I thought this was great- Alaina sees the card I sent my Mom for Mother's Day and thinks it's for her. She gets it and opens it up and says, "It says, My mommy loves me so much!" I do little girl!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tagged by Amy Cook.......

10 Years ago I had just finished my Junior year of college and was getting ready to go to Thailand with Campus Outreach for the summer. That summer is when I knew I would marry Billy. Truly couldn't ask for a better husband and father.

5 things on my to do list-

Clean out my fridge
Get the house ready for "Open House" tomorrow
Pay bills
Take some pictures of Mary H. outside

5 snacks I love-

vanilla yogurt
fruit (bananas especially) and with cream cheese fruit dip, ummmm
chips and cheese/sausage dip

If I were a billionaire I would-

adopt (maybe!)
own a big beach house
I know Billy would want to buy lots of land and live in the of his life goals..
buy lots of antiques
give a lot away

5 bad habits-

I'm not very disciplined, you know, like exercising or getting a sandwich but leaving off the fries
I'm a spender and not a saver
In the winter I don't shave my legs very much...kinda gross
Don't drink enough water
Talk too loud, too fast, and even too much sometimes

5 jobs I've had-

lifeguard in high school
McDonalds(beach project)
Maid and restaurant worker at Holiday Inn(beach project)
Third grade teacher

5 Places I've lived-

Butler Alabama(grew up there)
Livingston Alabama (college)
Thailand and New Zealand for several months(had to include these to make 5)
Fairhope Alabama
Chicago...actually Yorkville Illinois ( about an hour from Chicago)

Ok, you're tagged.....Aimee Weathers, Cathi Maham and Kari Veenstra

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A quiet house

We took Billy, Alaina and Elley to the airport this morning. They left holding Billy's hand with their pink dresses and little backpacks (and lipstick on) waving and smiling at me. I didn't cry. Much unlike the time they left with my parents right after Mary H. was born....I was sobbing as they loaded the hormonal!!!! It's good to know my hormones have sort of gotten back to "normal." The house was so quiet today and it will continue to be for the next few weeks. I have come to love the quiet moments but I also love the laughter, listening to them talk to one another(when their speaking in a kind way), just listening to them be little girls. I've decided that Mary H. is going to be our quiet, shy little girl. Do you think this is possible??

House news: Nobody came during the open house today :( :( You know what, though, this is what I continue to go back to....God is in control of every detail of our lives...even the sell of a house. After all, it's JUST a house. And, if we end up getting a's JUST money. When my flesh wants to be discouraged, God brings me back. Holden's principal said that she thinks EVERYTHING goes back to trusting God and I agree 100%. Do I really trust that he knows best? He's the point. I'm NOT the point.

Oh, we did have a couple walk through yesterday and their realtor said our house was in their top that's good news.

What am I going to do with my time while Holden's at school the next three weeks? Hmmmm.... cut the grass(not fun), get a new drivers license (not fun because those people that work in that office are always mean and impatient), scrapbook (fun), connect with friends(fun), do some things Holden wants to do(fun), oooh, actually going somewhere with just Mary H. (in the stroller and not wanting to get out) and Holden who stays right with me...our outings are going to be a piece of cake!!! What else?? Exercise(kind of fun), see Holden's Kindergarten graduation(fun but sad too because my little boy is growing up too fast), spend some time in the Word(needed), and have tons of un-interrupted conversations, and no, this isn't in order of importance ;)

Last thing...All you Idol watchers....yes, American Idol....Who's your pick?