Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 2008

Hey friends....

It's good to be prayed for. Thank you for your very kind comments. I'm doing "better" than I was a week ago. Somehow?? God has given me a little more room on my stress meter to handle this move. He gives grace for the moment and at this moment, right now, I think I'll get through another move. Not sure if I'll feel the same way tonight, but for now, I'm ok :) And as I think of July 2 approaching, I do realize that it's not the actual day that's anymore heartbreaking than any's the hot weather, the swimming, the beach, the flipflops, the pink goggles...all reminders of the days leading up to July 2. It's the time of year. It's remembering. Yesterday as I was cleaning out my desk area I started reading cards that were sent the weeks after Alaina died and was so encouraged by SO many who were/are holding us up. And I thought "I know how I should spend July 2." It's not a day to could be a day to be very very depressed, but I want to spend it remembering her life...remembering God's faithfulness during this hardest year of my life, reflecting on all God has done this year and the ways He has used the body of believers to encourage us... and looking ahead to all God can do.

We had a really really, really good time at the beach...nobody wanted to leave :) We also visited an alligator farm while we were in St. Augustine...very interesting and kinda creepy but they loved it. Just knowing that those things will eat you if you fall in is disturbing.

And the moment you've all been waiting for....surely the next post will have pictures of our doublewide on our land, in its place, ready to move in. No rain, no rain, please no more rain so the thing can get moved out there and you can see it in all its glory. Please come visit us, we love company and there's room for you, the thing is like 2500 sq. ft. No kidding.

Gotta go...I'm officially packing today.

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Amy said...

Hope I was just thinking about you this morning. Someone mentioned July 1st and I immediately thought about you. Just how soon that day is. So this morning I have been praying for God's peace in your heart as you do just as you said-remember this month last year. I hope that the move goes smoothly. Can't wait to see pictures.

Danny and Jennifer White said...

Thanks for the update Hope.Love you and will pray for God's peace for you especially on July 2nd.

Shea said...

First let me say there is something very disturbing about the fact that your double wide is bigger than my house! :) This is meant to make you smile.

Even though I've never lost a child I can understand how your thoughts are always brought back to how things were a year ago. I reflect so often on events in the past and how Lilly and Cray have changed or grown since then. Like Lilly not liking the ocean last year, but loving the waves on her feet this year. And how last year at the beach Cray couldn't walk but this year was running along the shore line. It's these kinds of things that I'm sure you are always remembering and thinking back on. And MISSING! I can not imagine how much you must miss her. I can only guess and the thought of such a loss is unbearable for me so I know you have felt so much pain in this past year. Just know that as many of us that were praying for you then, are STILL praying now. Much love!

JJMERKEL said...

I am looking forward to seeing some pictures of your double wide and property. Good luck with your move. We will be thinking of you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much I'm always blessed when I come here and have been to St Augustine many times don't you just love it thanks again for sharing your life.

The Hannahs said...

I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I continue to think of you daily. Every time I pass your family's garden on Moody Lane (a lot of times your mom and dad are out there) I think of you and say a prayer for you and your family. Please know how much you are loved and thought of.

max harrell said...

Hope, I so wish I could bear some of your pain. I just pray that God will supply you with moments of total respite and complete rest.

Oh God, I pray for you to lift up this dear & sweet family. Bless them as you promised, give them your joy, give them your peace, I lift them up in the name of your sweet and most precious son, Jesus. Amen & Amen!!!

I know your move will gor well. I know that you have the strength to get through it. My love, thoughts & prayers are with you.
Carol Harrell from Georgia

Michael and Jennifer Werneth said...

love all of your new pics and am glad you had a nice beach trip. leah's in my lap and made me look at your pics again and again (she wants me to type "i will play with you one day elley"). we're sitting on "go" and ready to see your new d-wide and land whenever you're ready. i'm glad you put the pic of holden, alaina, and elley at the end because i was thinking of the pics of alaina swimming last year when i saw this year's pics. i can only imagine how so much must remind you of your sweet girl. i continue to pray for you and will continue to pray for a special grace straight from the Father's hand to you, for strength for this time and this move. hug your pumpkins for me!

Anonymous said...

hope, i can remember the first post i typed on this site--it doesn't seem that it's been a year, but for you, i'm sure it seems like the longest year of your life. when i saw you at the funeral, holding up like a real soldier, i thought to myself, oh, Lord, be with Hope when she collapses and realizes she doesn't have to hold it all together. then i began to read your posts and i found out that the Lord was already with you and it was Him who was keeping you from collapsing, and it has been Him all along who has carried you this past year. And He will carry you through this first anniversary, too. I am lifting your name to Him tonight Hope. I love you and Jesus does too.
Mrs. Cowan

Kim said...

Hey dear friend,
I have been praying since your last post - even though I didn't write anything to you. I love you so... and I lift your hearts to the Father who knows your pain. May he carry you and Billy (and the rest of the family) today and each day.

I am hoping to see you soon! (Though I am wondering if camping is just too much with your move and running on empty...)

Love and hugs across the miles,

Jackie said...

So glad to see an update and those sweet pictures. Still thinking of you and praying.

Anonymous said...

love you and i am praying for you as you approach the anniversary of your sweet girl's death. try to remember that you will now have made it through all those one year milestones. remember Jesus loves you and i do too and so many people are praying for you.
mrs. cowan

ann said...

Praying for you daily dear friend.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

My heart is with you and your whole family.

Yeah - the double wide is bigger than my house too! Have fun camping.


Anonymous said...

i love you and jesus does too.
mrs. cowan

Ryan and Denise Shoemaker said...

Hope and Billy - We are always thinking and praying for you, but we are especially doing so now. We love you both and pray that Thursday be a time of peaceful remembrance of Alaina's life. We are so glad you went camping with the Growth Group and surrounded yourself by those that knew her and loved her. God knows what you need, His grace will provide you strength.

Anonymous said...

remember her.
talk about her.
laugh with each other about things she found funny.
cry on each other's shoulders.
rely on God to get you through another day.
He will not fail you.
I love you and Jesus does too.
Mrs. Cowan

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