Monday, August 31, 2009

It was Happy


















It was a lot of work for just two hours but worth the effort! This was our first big "friend" party for Elley since we've always just done family stuff. She had a great time with her friends and it was fun to take it all in and watch their faces...when I wasn't being the party manager. Billy was the entertainer in the water for ALL the kids :)

We had pizza and cake, icecream and presents, and then I thought "It's time to go already?!" But, my philosophy has always been that it's better to end while everyone is still having a good time and before the kids start "melting down."

ok, next post WILL BE all about our life in the country. Stay tuned.

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The McNeill Family said...

Looks like such a fun time. I'm sure Billy was quite the entertainer in the pool! Love the pictures. Happy Birthday, Elley!!

ann said...

Happy Birthday Elley! What a fun day for such a spunky little girl. My favorites pics are the kids in the tubs. Does Billy hire out for parties? Have a great week. Loving and praying, Ann

Jawan said...

Hope, you should submit these pictures to this website: who shows off people's creative party talent.

Happy birthday, Elley!

max harrell said...

I think that you and Billy are fun parents. I realize that you can't be fun all the time but it is so good to have fun. The party, party favors, decorations and smiles are just priceless. I also love the "It was Happy"....... I do not know why but you all are a special family for me. Please know that your GranC in Athens loves you and prays for you and believes in JOY for ya'll!!!!

JJMERKEL said...

It looks like she had a wonderful birthday party! You certainly did a great job hosting it, I am sure. Billy looked like he was having such a good time in the pool! Happy, Happy birthday to Elley!! (Does she still like Chinese food -lol)

Shea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elley! Love every picture of her. She looks so extremely happy in each one. Billy looks like the most fun daddy. And it goes without saying that you are a beautiful, fantastic, selfless mom! Life in the country....I can't wait to hear more!

Michael and Jennifer Werneth said...

you get the award for the cutest party gifts ever! and i loved seeing billy covered up with children! elley's face shows just how much she loved her bday. did she jump off of that board? tell her jennifer's proud of her!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific party. Elley must have felt very special :)
Miss all of, Katie A.

Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone (including Billy) were having a wonderful time. From the pics, you did a GREAT job! Happy belated Bday to Ms. Elle!

Karen and Rob

Anonymous said...

I can't believe little Elley is already 4 years old! How did she grow up so fast?

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Wish I were there to hug you all!

Love, CarolSue

Anonymous said...

I'M BACK!!!!!! I have missed you! Have you missed me? I am so computer illiterate that I made the mistake of thinking I wanted a fancier google page and when I did, it lost my favorites and you were the top of my favorites. Luckily, I finally found Rachel Hannah and she gave me your site again. And what is the first thing I see when I log on? IT WAS HAPPY!!!! My prayers have been answered!! My heart is so full of love and joy for all of you. I am going to continue to pray for happiness and hope and joy.
Remember that Jesus loves you and so do I:)

mrs. cowan

Anonymous said...

still praying for you guys. studying my sunday school lesson tonight and decided to stop and check in on you all in the double wide. i trust that God has you all safe in his arms and your joy will come in the morning!!! remember that i love you and jesus does too.

mrs. c

Anonymous said...

hope, just want you to know that i am lifting you up in prayer. i know that God has you and your sweet family in His precious hands. What a wonderful father we have.
Remember Jesus loves you and I do too.

Anonymous said...

oops, i forgot to sign my last comment.
it's me, it's me. but it's not ernest T
it's mrs. c.

Michael and Jennifer Werneth said...

can i make a blog-pic request? i'd love to see holden in his football pads and helmet! luke would love it too! and tell billy that i wore my brown shoes again yesterday and had to pick his spit balls out! he's soooo gonna pay:).

JJMERKEL said...

Hi Hope, just was checking in to see how you are all doing.

Becky said...

Dear Hope & Billy,
Y'all have been on my mind lately. I hope everything is going well.

Anonymous said...