Friday, December 4, 2009

My mom said to tell you.....


She remembers in the last post that she wrote "Be Back Soon!" and she hasn't been back soon.

She's tired. She has been to Disney and North Carolina (I bet you think she took me to Disney because of how I'm dressed, but she didn't) This was my Halloween outfit. My Mom left me with my Maw and Paw who I love WAY more than Disney!

And tonight she has a house full of little boys spending the night because today is my brother's birthday.

I keep my mom on her toes and contribute to her being tired. But she wouldn't trade me for anything.


My mom has a lot more she wants to share...(maybe) soon


Jenny said...

Sweet pictures, Hope. Can't wait to hear what all you guys have been up to. We got your card this week and LOVED it. What a beautiful way to remember Alaina. Merry Christmas!

Shea said...

Cute pics. We should get she and Cray together....they would find lots of trouble to get in to I'm afraid. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas card. You couldn't have picked a better one. Feel like I have a little bit of sweet Alaina in my house this year. Love to you all and PLEASE BE BACK SOON. Love hearing how you are.

Shelley said...

i totally understand. i often feel like there is a lot to say or that there should be a lot to say. but that it is really tiring to try and say it all.

could you send me your mailing address.

Lori Ellen said... were in NC and didn't get in touch? Where's the love, Hopey T? Where's the love?!?

Anonymous said...

remembering you all in prayer as you enter this Christmas week, Hope. you all have come so far in this journey. i know that He is still walking right beside you all the way. how else would you have gotten this far if not for His sweet support?
remember jesus loves you and so do i.

merry christmas.
mrs. cowan

Jennifer Werneth said...

singing "blessed be Your name" with you...still amazed at your heart as you trust in Him. may He continue to carry you and billy. hope we can camp again before i burst!