Sunday, May 4, 2008

A quiet house

We took Billy, Alaina and Elley to the airport this morning. They left holding Billy's hand with their pink dresses and little backpacks (and lipstick on) waving and smiling at me. I didn't cry. Much unlike the time they left with my parents right after Mary H. was born....I was sobbing as they loaded the hormonal!!!! It's good to know my hormones have sort of gotten back to "normal." The house was so quiet today and it will continue to be for the next few weeks. I have come to love the quiet moments but I also love the laughter, listening to them talk to one another(when their speaking in a kind way), just listening to them be little girls. I've decided that Mary H. is going to be our quiet, shy little girl. Do you think this is possible??

House news: Nobody came during the open house today :( :( You know what, though, this is what I continue to go back to....God is in control of every detail of our lives...even the sell of a house. After all, it's JUST a house. And, if we end up getting a's JUST money. When my flesh wants to be discouraged, God brings me back. Holden's principal said that she thinks EVERYTHING goes back to trusting God and I agree 100%. Do I really trust that he knows best? He's the point. I'm NOT the point.

Oh, we did have a couple walk through yesterday and their realtor said our house was in their top that's good news.

What am I going to do with my time while Holden's at school the next three weeks? Hmmmm.... cut the grass(not fun), get a new drivers license (not fun because those people that work in that office are always mean and impatient), scrapbook (fun), connect with friends(fun), do some things Holden wants to do(fun), oooh, actually going somewhere with just Mary H. (in the stroller and not wanting to get out) and Holden who stays right with me...our outings are going to be a piece of cake!!! What else?? Exercise(kind of fun), see Holden's Kindergarten graduation(fun but sad too because my little boy is growing up too fast), spend some time in the Word(needed), and have tons of un-interrupted conversations, and no, this isn't in order of importance ;)

Last thing...All you Idol watchers....yes, American Idol....Who's your pick?


Kari Veenstra said...

We continue to pray for you and Billy and for the sale of you house(even if we don't want you to leave!). As for American Idol..David Cook ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

JJMERKEL said...

David Cook!!! He is the best!!!! Actually all the last 4 are pretty good!! lol

Carlton and Aimee Weathers said...

Hope, I just thought of you think we live in Jackson Alabama near your mom???? No, not even close, GO NORTH AND EAST like 4 hours.
Well, my pick is David Cook. But Archeletta might pull it off, he is such a cutie. I want to squeeze his cheeks.

And...God really is in control of even your house. It will sell, but only when He wants it to.

Have fun with 2 kids this week. Enjoy your needed break!