Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here's an example to all of you that Billy hasn't changed much over the years(as far as his sense of humor.) This is a sample of an invitation that he made for our rehearsal dinner. He even printed it on pretty paper and told me this was what we were sending to people.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Atchison
ask that ya'll come to our child's rehersel diner cause he is
marrying a girl named Hope Thompson

August 20, 1999

6:00pm rehearsal at First Baptist Church of Butler, Alabama
8:00 Rehearsal dinner at Ezel's Fish Camp
It's going to be really fun. Please come and have fun with us.
Wouldn't you like to be there. Lots and lots of fun!!!

***notice it's Dick and not Richard(which, as many of you know, according to Billy, Richard is not his real name bacause that's not what he "goes by" Remember the whole Jimmy Dick scenerio :)

Anyway, I thought this might make you smile.


bobcat said...

That Billy sounds like one great guy. You are one lucky girl.

veenstras said...

Hope, I love, love the blog. I am looking forward to reading more and have add you to my favorites.
Keep on bloggin...