Friday, April 11, 2008

The Move

Here's the scoop on our move. Billy is taking a new job and his territory is North Alabama. HIs office will be at home, so we can live anywhere in North Alabama. We'll do the same thing we did when we moved here...figure out where we want to go to church and based on that where we will live. We've had the house on the market for about 1 month. Every Saturday and Sunday we've had open houses and a steady stream of people coming through but no offers. Hopefully, we can move towards the beginning of the summer.

Oh, we're going to miss the snow and our sledding hill.( not to mention our sweet friends and one of the best churches we've ever been a part of!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Hope,
Love the blog! I'm so excited you have one of your own. I'm reading and loving keeping up with you. Your family is precious.

JAYJ1021 said...

I know that you will have good luck with selling your house. It is getting warmer out and more people are looking now. I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

HOPI------Yea!! You are coming back to Sweet Home, Alabama!! I feel like you "talk" to me several times a week as I "check" on you about that many times (I just don't comment---I haven't mastered typing on the computer while one is doing the "Diva Wale" (hmmm--which one would that be??), another is on the floor having a tantrum because we can't watch Toy Story for the thirty-seventh time in four hours and the third is just crying because she can't understand why Mommy doesn't hold her while she is cooking, talking on the phone, tee-teeing, dressing herself, doing laundry, etc!!!! Keep up the fabulous work---you are my hero!!!

Carlton and Aimee Weathers said...

I love your post about your melt-down. Uh, can I say, been there, done that. I would have cried too, and maybe stayed in that stall all afternoon.
I am praying your house sells soon. Let us know where you are moving too! Hope its close to us!