Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little updates

It has been a crazy week. I took Mary Helen to the Dr. on Thursday(she was the last one to get sick) because she had 101.3 fever and since Billy was diagnosed with...well, let me just spell it the way Billy would- Bron-kite-us....yes, he spells words exactly how they sound. I know that's a bad run-on sentence....anyway, with everyone else sick I just wanted the Dr. to take a look at her since she's still so small. She tested positive for the flu and they sent me to the hospital for a chest x-ray. Sweet thing, she didn't even cry through the x- ray...she just sat strapped to the little chair while I held her arms above her head, just looking at me all wide-eyed. The xray showed she had the beginning stages of pneumonia :( Thankfully, we caught it so early and she was able to start the antibiotic before it got any worse. She is already doing better.

Billy, however is still not over his.... he went back in on Friday and the Dr. said he probably has pneumonia too and will need to start a different antibiotic. Sooooo, lots of sick people around here.

Billy kept Mary H. with him today for the open house and the rest of the crew and I went to the Children's museum in Naperville. Oh, SUCH a better outing today than my last museum visit!!! They all listened and obeyed and we had a great day. Nobody ran away from me and they just had a ball playing. We did have one couple come to the open house and they loved it. They told Billy they wanted to meet with their bank to see if they can afford it. So, we'll see. I've learned not to get my hopes up because several people have told us this. God had the right family.

I think we're going to head to the aquarium tomorrow after church while Billy does the open house. I want to take advantage of all the fun Chicago things since we'll be leaving soon!

Take care, friends,


Lucy and Jason said...

love the blogs....keep them coming....I hope you all recover soon from "Bron-kite-us"!!! Tell Billy that is how I would probably spell it too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy and Hope! Karen told me about your blog and I've checked it out a couple of times. Your children are beautiful, and your Redneck picture made me laugh and laugh! It's always good to be able to catch up with old friends! Monica Kisselbaugh

Carlton and Aimee Weathers said...

So glad to hear everyone is better! Hurry up and sell your house!

Kristin said...

We had to have Laura Beth x-rayed like that, too. When she had bronchiolitus a few weeks ago, she began to get pneumonia, too... Oh, it is just so pitiful and sad when they are sick.

We hope she and Billy are better soon!

Kristin said...

Um... that was supposed to be BRONCHIOLITIS... Maybe Billy and I should take a spelling lesson together.