Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yeah...I have a blog! I'm so excited to use this as a way to keep up with all "our people" in Chicago once we move. Also, I can maybe stop stalking all of my friend's blogs and work on my own! :) I'm pretty blogger illiterate so Billy will need to help me with pictures and all that fun stuff. Oh, he wanted to use our redneck Christmas card picture to be on the title for this blog. I've suffered through enough ridicule with that one. I refuse to use it on the world wide web!! He had as the title "Rednecks gone Yankee." Don't worry, I'll try to be the one to keep the blog updated, otherwise there's no telling what you might find.

Well, the picture got on here anyway thanks to Billy......Oh well!


JAYJ1021 said...

Hi Hope and Billy. What a great idea to keep in touch through a blog! Now I just can't wait to see all the pictures!!! ha ha We are really going to miss all of you when you are gone.

ann said...

Hey Hope - you are too cool!

Swanny said...

Hey guys! Hope, I could totally hear you talk in your email & on your postings! Love it! Maybe someday I will join the 21st century!